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Introduction to Skills Canada NWT

Who we are

Skills Canada NWT is a charitable organization that promotes careers in skilled trades and technologies to northern youth. With the help of our government and industry partners, we are working to build the future workforce of the north.

Since it started in 1999, Skills Canada NWT has been offering skilled trades and technology competitions at the territorial level as well as other awareness programs for thousands of young northerners.

The mandate of Skills Canada NWT is as follows:

  • Provide unique, proven, effective and efficient programs to raise awareness of current and emerging skilled trades and technology careers among northern youth.
  • Actively lead in developing dynamic partnerships with agencies and organizations involved in promoting current and emerging skills-based careers in trades and technology by identifying and using best practices.

What we do

Many young northerners don’t consider careers in skilled trades and technology because they don’t understand the value of these options. Through Skills Clubs, regional, territorial, national, and international skills competitions, youth conferences, presentations to youth, and other programs and events, Skills Canada NWT helps make these occupations more visible for teachers, students, parents and the general public.

Why we are needed

In the coming decades, employers in the NWT will find it difficult to hire and keep skilled workers. At the same time, many northern youth have limited opportunities to explore different career options while still in school. We want youth to understand the many opportunities, benefits and rewards of skilled trade and technology careers. We also want to help NWT industries find well-trained, well-prepared young people who can help their businesses grow.  Improving the knowledge and confidence of young people will benefit all of us.

Potential benefits

  • more skilled northern workers, reducing the number of unemployed people throughout the NWT and reducing the need to bring workers to the NWT from other places
  • youth who are more confident, which helps them to make positive career and life decisions
  • fewer crimes and misdemeanors because youth have healthy alternatives
  • more positive role models for the next generation


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