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Programs by Activity

Skills Clubs


Every year, a number of adults in skilled trades and technology careers volunteer their time to share their knowledge with youth through specialized Skills Clubs. In these Skills Clubs, students receive instruction and mentoring from experienced professionals in various occupations from carpentry to welding to graphic design and more.

In most cases, these Skills Clubs are offered to students in grades 9 through 12, although some communities may offer the clubs to a broader age range. Clubs generally include weekly two to four--hour sessions within an 8-24 week period.  


Many Skills Club participants display what they have learned at the annual Territorial Skills Competition with first place winners advancing to nationals. A number of participants also go on to pursue careers in skilled trades and technology.


We greatly appreciate the contribution of our volunteer instructors and the participants who make the efforts worthwhile.



Territorial Skills Competition


The Territorial Skills Competition (TSC) is a one-day, Olympic-style competition that showcases the talents of our youth who are already developing expertise in skilled trades and technology. The TSC involves many secondary, post secondary, and apprenticeship students participating in various contests designed to test the skills required for trade and technology occupations. Gold medalists may be eligible to join the territorial team to compete against their peers at the Canadian Skills Competition.


The Skills Canada NWT Competition allows competitors to communicate with industry experts who serve as mentors by demonstrating industry standards, advising on applicable skills and showing students that the skills they possess are valuable.


The philosophy behind the Competition is to:

·         reward students for excellence;

·         directly involve industry in evaluating student performance; and

·         keep training relevant to employers’ needs.


In addition to providing the youth with a chance to show what they can do, the TSC is also a place where students, parents, teachers and the general public can come learn more about the value of careers in skilled trades and technology. Everyone is invited to visit the competition sites on the day of the event.



Career Expo


As in past years, a Career Expo will be held in conjunction with the Territorial Skills Competition. Industry and education have been invited to set up booths at the gymnasiums of both St. Patrick and Sir John Franklin High Schools. It is designed to provide event visitors with further information related to career decision making. This component is hosted by the North Slave regional office of the Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Education, Culture, and Employment.


Students and the general public are invited to visit the Competition and Career Expo. You can watch the competitors in action, speak with industry experts, and visit the many booths of the simultaneous Career Expo at each site.



Regional Skills Competition


The first Regional Skills Competition is being planned for the Beaufort Delta in 2009. The Regional Skills Competition will be a qualifying event for the Territorial Skills Competition in Yellowknife in April. The Regional Skills Competition will be used to challenge more youth in the Beaufort Delta in a competitive environment, improve the caliber of youth representing the Beaufort Delta at the Territorial Skills Competition, increase the number of territorial contests in which the Beaufort Delta is competing, and generally increase awareness of skilled trades and technology opportunities in the Beaufort Delta and throughout the NWT. If this regional competition is successful, it can be used as a model for other regions in the NWT.


Canadian Skills Competition


Hosted on an annual basis, the Canadian Skills Competition is Canada's largest national multi-trade and technology competition for Canadian students and apprentices. It profiles careers in skilled trades and technologies to in a positive light for students, parents, and educators. The event attracts hundreds of secondary and post-secondary students from across Canada to compete in over 40 Olympic-style practical challenges that showcase their technical and leadership abilities in the areas of communications, construction trades, employment, manufacturing, transportation, services and more.



Power Up! Territorial Youth Conferences


These one-day conferences provide Grade 8 students throughout the Northwest Territories with an opportunity to learn about some of the exciting career options available to them. The NWT hosts two conferences each winter, one for young women and one for young men.


Each conference starts with an opening ceremony that includes an orientation and guest speakers. Next, the participants go to their morning workshops, which provide them with a chance to do hands-on activities and gain a greater understanding of various occupations ranging from aircraft maintenance engineers to welders to aestheticians.


The workshops are followed by lunch and afternoon workshops. Finally, there is a brief closing ceremony that provides time for evaluation forms and time to thank all of the people who help make the conferences a success each year.



Power Up! Regional Youth Conferences


Like the Power Up! Territorial Youth Conferences, the regional conferences focus on hands-on experience with skilled trades, technology, and other careers that are not well known and understood and that are experiencing labour shortages. The regional youth conferences will span more grades and will include students from schools within one administrative region of the NWT. The first regional Power Up! Conference is expected in the Sahtu in February 2009. Its success will help determine whether regional conferences are viable in the NWT.



ObstaSkills Trades Challenge Race


The ObstaSkills Trades Challenge Race is a new program developed in 2007-08. Designed as a fun activity to encourage awareness of skilled trades, the race involve multiple stations with an activity to complete at each station. The race current includes seven stations: plumbing (competitors assemble PVC pipes to match a prototype), cooking/baking (mix ingredients to make play dough, then roll out and use cookie cutters), hairstyling (put hair in rollers), worksite safety (identify worksite hazards on laminated posters), carpentry (assemble pieces of wood to match a prototype box), electrical wiring (use wires to connect batteries to a mini-house with a buzzer and light), and mechanics (change a small tire on a tire stand). Competitors try to have the best quality of work completed in the shortest time period. Students who don’t want to compete can help as volunteers to help monitor and reset the stations between competitors.





Skills Canada NWT is working to build a territory-wide robotics program for junior and senior high school students throughout the NWT. The junior high program will be in partnership with First Lego League while a senior high robotics program would be geared toward competition in the Robotics contest at the Canadian Skills Competition. The senior high program would not be launched until the junior high program is well established.





Skills Canada NWT is in the early stages of developing an alumni program. This program is designed to build a greater sense of community in the short and long term, as well as to provide ways for past competitors to remain involved in Skills Canada NWT as mentors, volunteers, etc. A tenth anniversary book celebrating the accomplishments of some of Skills Canada NWT alumni is planned for the fall of 2008.



School Presentations and Community Partnerships


Skills Canada NWT is continually looking for opportunities to share the news about skilled trades and technology opportunities and to partner with organizations with similar goals. Skills Canada NWT offers classroom and industry presentations and engages in joint marketing projects, committee work, and other activities that further its mission.

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