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How To Start a Skills Club

Skills Club Overview

PLEASE NOTE: Our requirements for funding Skills Clubs have changed. If you have been hosting a Skills Club in the past, you must still complete the new application process.


Welcome everyone,

We are very happy that you have been hosting a Skills Club or are interested in starting one. The following 10 step process is all it takes to start a Skills Club in your community.

Step 1: If you are new to Skills Canada NWT or Skills Clubs, read the file "Skills Clubs Introduction.pdf" first.

Step 2: Review the "Skills Club Guidelines.pdf" to make sure you are comfortable with the established guidelines. The guidelines mention a Skills Club Agreement and Skills Club Requisition Form. The Agreement will confirm acceptance of your Application for Funding and establish the terms that are expected of you as a Skills Club host/coach. You will receive a copy of the Agreement once your funding request has been approved; you can get the Requisition Form if needed once you have completed the Agreement.

Step 3: Complete the "Skills Club Application for Funding.pdf" which is provided in Word format so you can easily enter the information and email it to us. If you prefer to complete it by hand and fax/mail it to us, that is also fine.

Step 4: The "Skills Club Description Template.doc" can be completed and attached to your Skills Club Application for Funding or you can work on it while waiting for a response to your Application. Please note that we will try to fund all reasonable requests for Skills Clubs, even if we have to look for new funding sources to do it.

Step 5: Once your Application has been approved, you will receive a copy of a "Skills Club Agreement.pdf" to sign. This Agreement will also be signed by Skills Canada NWT staff; both you and Skills Canada NWT will have signed copies of the Agreement. Faxed copies are considered acceptable.

Step 6: Find participants for your Skills Club. Remember you can use your "Skills Club Description Template.doc" to help make posters/signs for your Club.

Step 7: Have all participants complete the two page "Skills Club Registration Form.pdf" and send a copy of all forms to Skills Canada NWT.

Step 8: Start your club! Track attendance and please take pictures when you can. An Excel template is available from Skills Canada NWT to help with tracking attendance.

Step 9: Remember the Territorial Skills Competition! If your Skills Club relates to a contest area, make sure your participants know about the TSC and help them prepare to compete. If you need extra guidance, contact our office because we may be able to connect you with someone who can help.

Step 10: When your Skills Club is finished for the year, provide Skills Canada NWT with a final report including attendance records and photos of club activities.

That should do it. Ten easy steps to offering fun and exciting programs for youth in your community. You can change their lives!

Thank you again for your interest and enthusiasm. We look forward to working with you and your community!


Jan Fullerton

Executive Director

Copyright 2009 by Skills Canada NWT