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5th Annual TSC 2003

The 5th Annual Territorial Competitions was held in Fort Smith, April 10 & 11, 2003, and in Yellowknife on April 24, 2003. A total of 139 competitors from communities throughout the Northwest Territories and Nunavut demonstrated their creative talent and skills in 20 different skill areas.

The competitors who represented Skills Canada NWT/NU in Waterloo, Ontario were:

Team NWT

Graphic Design - Richard Walsh of Yellowknife
Heavy Equipment Mechanic - Reg Evans of Fort Smith
Job Interview - Amanda Johns of Inuvik
Prepared Speech - Mandy Lyons of Yellowknife
Worksite Safety - Mara Smith of Yellowknife
Aircraft Maintenance - Carolyn George of Yellowknife
Auto Service (Post-Secondary) - Jon Stevens of Yellowknife
Auto Service (Secondary) - Will Scott of Yellowknife
Carpentry (Post-Secondary) - Pierre Berube of Yellowknife
Carpentry (Secondary) - Robert Grandjambe of Fort Smith
Culinary Arts (Post-Secondary) - Livia Gloux of Norman Wells
Culinary Arts (Secondary) - Justin Shelley of Yellowknife
Diamond Polishing - Courtney Keenan of Yellowknife
Electrical Wiring - Michael Broussard of Yellowknife
Hairstyling (Post-Secondary) - Maggie Butz of Yellowknife
Hairstyling (Secondary) - Nicole Dennis of Yellowknife
Internet Web page Design - James Cracknell & Chris Fournier of Yellowknife
IT/PC Network Support - Duncan Hamre of Yellowknife
Plumbing - Derek Edjericon of Yellowknife
Small Powered Equipment - Mitchell Andrew of Inuvik
TV & Video Production - Allistar McCreadie & Christopher DiPasquale of Yellowknife
Welding - David Monchuk of Fort Smith

Team NU

Restaurant Service - Joel Fortier of Iqaluit
Worksite Safety - Isabel MacDougall of Iqaluit
Cabinetmaking - Jeremy Steenberg of Iqaluit
Culinary Arts (Secondary) - Samantha Cooper of Iqaluit
Hairstyling (Post-Secondary) - Nowdlak Maurice of Iqaluit
Job Interview - Amanda Soper of Iqaluit
Plumbing - Joetonie Davidee of Iqaluit

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