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Success Stories


**If you are a past participant or have been involved with Skills Canada NWT and your involvement helped you, your school or your community in any way, please share your story with us! Email skillsnt @ skillscanada.com (without the spaces) or call 873-8743.**


 Skills Canada NWT Involvement in the Communities:


Teacher at Helen Kalvak School ULUKHAKTOK:

Richard McKinnon

Helen Kalvak School

P.O. Box 162

Ulukhaktok NT X0E 0S0

May, 6th, 2011

 Dear Mrs. Fullerton:  

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both you and your organization for your generous contributions to our skills clubs. Through your funding we have been able to increase the participation in our currently running programs as well as begin to offer a wider range of activities making the skills clubs more inclusive.  

Last year we had an increase of close to 10% in our yearly overall attendance. We can attribute this amazing increase to programs such as yours in our school. With our requirement of 80% attendance in order to participate in our clubs we have seen some of our non-attenders start to attend and in 3 cases they have even become regular 80% attenders. Along with this the overall interest of our students in pursuing secondary education through a trade school has greatly increased. Many of our students who had no previous interest in post-secondary education are now looking at pursuing a trade. 

Again I can only say that programs such as what your organization offer are a valuable tool in education. They allow us as educators to broaden our student’s experiences and open up new paths for them to consider. It is important for us to remember that not every student will go on to university, but some of those who don’t are now getting information and experience in alternative postsecondary education. 

I look forward to your next visit to our community and I know the kids are looking forward to another presentation.  


Richard McKinnon


Bob Jones VP at Thomas Simpson School in Fort Simpson:


27 October 2011


Self, self expression and tech mastery.

The support from Skills Canada is greatly appreciated here at TSS. In practical, tangible terms the students have taken part in film and audio productions in good numbers- 20 - 30 kids spread over many soundtracks, songs and 29 short films, yes they are short and a bit improvised films but student authored and produced.  In a co-op fashion the key students in a project solicit participation from their peers and move forward when enough crew and momentum is in place. 

Students are currently working with Final Cut X, motion and Logic Pro 9 - having graduated from iMovie and Garageband.  The audio / soundtrack focussed students have created a DJ booth for dances and integrated their iPads and a mixer into their workflow.

Less tangible gains from the program can be seen when students with very low literacy levels take part in audio / video projects alongside their peers and find a way to anchor themselves in the school.  In general taking command of media production has allowed students to take command of their identity and given them self confidence in the face of mass media that implicitly defines them as outsiders.

A film made in conjunction with the Reel Youth project has shown at the Vancouver film festival; that fact and a News North article has really motivated the kids.  Tyler Sibbeston even did a bit of editing work on some Berger Report footage.

Well, let’s not get too philosophical when there are many more humorous and often poignant film projects for them to create.

Thanks for helping bring many kids from outside to the inside, from the fringe to the middle with some great tech skills mastered on the way.

Bob Jones
VP Thomas Simpson School
Fort Simpson
867 695 3320




Michelle Reid Secondary Teacher at Jean Wetrade Gameti School, Gameti:



 January 15, 2013

Dear Jan:

On behalf of Jean Wetrade Gameti School’s students and staff I would like to express how grateful we are for the many opportunities provided to us through Skills Canada Northwest Territories. With the generous support from Skills Canada NWT, we have established two skills clubs at our school – a digital photography club and a traditional sewing club.

Jean Wetrade Gameti School is a small school in an isolated community. There aren’t many options in our community for students to learn and apply their skills in the digital arts. Our photography club provides students with the opportunity to explore photography and apply their skills to practical and meaningful projects. Last year our photography club students produced our school’s first yearbook. This was a hugely successful project for our club as the yearbook was very popular in the school and the community. Students are looking forward to capturing more photos, editing, and spending countless hours on the layout of the yearbook.

We have recently started our second skills club, which concentrates on traditional sewing. We are fortunate to have staff members at our school who are very skilled at traditional sewing and beadwork. Our sewing club provides students with a meaningful opportunity to practice cultural arts in the school. After only three months we have had students complete a variety of projects including mukluks, fur mittens, and beadwork. The sense of accomplishment and pride involved cannot be understated. Without the support from Skills Canada NWT, we would not have had the resources to purchase the supplies we require for the club.

The Skills Club competitions provide our students with an incredible opportunity to exercise their skills and showcase their talent. One of our students placed first in photography at the 2012 South Regional Skills Competition. Many students are more informed about possible careers in digital arts and are actively considering pursuing photography for their post-secondary studies.

Thanks to funding and support from Skills Canada NWT, our students have greater opportunity to learn new skills, improve their self-esteem and overcome shyness.


Michelle Reid

Secondary Teacher, Jean Wetrade Gameti School




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