Skills Canada NWT

2019 Essential Skills
Youth Assembly

May 27th - 30th
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Held in conjunction with the 2019 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC), the Essential Skills Youth Assembly (ESYA) will bring together a diverse group of young adults, aged 18-22, representing all provinces and territories.

The ESYA will also focus attention on the nine Essential Skills, their importance
in the Trades beyond the competition, and how they believe they can improve
their own Essential Skills within an ever-evolving Canadian workforce. A final
report of the recommendations from the ESYA will be submitted via a written
report to Skills/ Compétences Canada.

The other key component of the Essential Skills Youth Forum is focused on team building and leadership activities, this allows participants the opportunity to ‘tell their stories’, talk about what they learned as a Skills Competitor, and how this has contributed to their future. This information will also be documented by the ESYA Facilitator and submitted to SCC.

Participant costs will be covered by SCC National Office, including expenses related to travel to the ESYA (i.e. cab fare, per diem)