SKILLS CANADA NWT regional competition

As part of our New Regional Strategy, Skills Canada NWT will NOT be hosting Regional Competitions in 2019 or 2020.

This year at the Skills Canada NWT Territorial Competition each school/skills club will be invited to send one student to compete at the Territorial Competition, providing the student meets the required minimum standard set for their skill area.

Skills Canada NWT will no longer be hosting Regional Skills Competitions, but rather, schools and skills clubs are encouraged to host local in-school or in-class competitions to determine which student will represent their school at the Territorial Competition.

To assist schools with this, Skills Canada NWT will provide funding directly to schools and skills clubs to host their own in-school competitions. In addition to making funding available, Skills Canada NWT will provide support to teachers and skills club leaders in the form of resources such as contest descriptions, test projects, and other materials to help simplify the process of planning and running a competition.

Read our full regional strategy for the 2019/2020 school year here.